Instruction for MacBook Stone Covers

How to apply the cover to a MacBook?

You can find Manual inside the package.

1. Preparation

Put the stone cover next to your laptop. Make sure that 0.5mm on each side of the laptop isn't covered. This is necessary for the coating to not stick out. We advise you to position the coating in relation to the Apple logo.

2.Clean your MacBook

Thoroughly clean your laptop. Use a soft and dry cloth. Make sure the surface of the notebook has no solvent or cleaner remains. We recommend to do it in a well-lit environment.

3.Start the process

Carefully remove the protective layer from the reverse side of the cover. Start to apply the cover to the back side of your laptop - Apple logo should be facing you.

4. Gently apply the cover to the laptop, make sure everything is fine.

Until you smooth out, you will have the opportunity to easily slide the cover to the right place. Then start the process of smoothing from the center to the edges.

Removing the coating

If necessary, the stone coating can be easily removed without leaving traces on the laptop surface. Just gently pick up the edge of the cover with a stationery knife or fingernail and pull it in the opposite direction.